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Introduction to Prospect Profiles

Find, verify, and present fundraising information in profiles

Essentials for Successful Research

Research sampler course for the fundraising generalist

Foundations In Fundraising Analytics

Get good with the basics of fundraising analytics

Capacity Ratings

Level up your capacity ratings

Insider Stock and Compensation

Find, translate, and present public company wealth

Approach to Prospecting

A scoring method for prospecting

Solid Intel

Can you spot the "fake news"?

Intro to Prospect Research in Canada

Fundraising research in Canada, step-by-step

22-01 Crypto Fundraising 101

Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Fundraising

22-02 After the Conference

You’re Back from a GREAT Conference! Now What?

22-11 Research Tools Superpowers

How Research Tools Can Give You Superpowers

22-12 Career: Survey Says!

2022 Game show style fun focused on salary and career surveys