Course curriculum

  • 1
    Analytics Links Collection
    • Analytics Link Collection
  • 2
    Data Mining for New Prospects
    • Wealth Screenings for the Small(er) Shop
    • VIDEO: Finding New Prospects in DonorSearch | Prospect Generator
    • VIDEO: Finding New Prospects in iWave | Larkspur
    • Apra Chapters Share the Knowledge: Suzanne Harris RFM Demo
    • iWave List Building Cheat Sheet
    • Prospect Criteria Worksheet
  • 3
    Prospecting with Ratings | Hitting the Mark
    • Leveraging Propensity, Affinity, and Capacity Ratings | iWave
    • iWave Ratings Research Challenge Summary
  • 4
    Excel Tips Tutorials
    • VIDEO: Text to Columns
    • VIDEO: Introduction to the VLOOKUP Formula
    • VIDEO: 5 Favorite Excel Formulas
    • VIDEO: Navigating Big Files I
    • VIDEO: Navigating Big Files II
    • VIDEO: 3 Excel Shortcuts
    • VIDEO: Excel Video Tutorial: Left, Right, Concatenate!
  • 5
    Pivot Table Tutorials
    • VIDEO: Annual Fund Comparison with Pivot Tables
    • RESOURCE: Anatomy Of A Pivot Table Infographic

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