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2022 Online Meeting Schedule

Online meetings are a member benefit and hosted on Zoom online meeting software.

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18 Jan: 3-4pm ET | Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Fundraising

 11 Jan: 3-4pm ET

17 Feb: 1-2pm ET | You’re Back from a GREAT Conference! Now What?

10 Feb: 1-2pm ET

 16 March: 2-3 pm ET | An Exploration of the Prospect Identification Process

8 March: 1-2pm ET

 26 April: 2-3pm ET | Diving Deep on Donor Advised Funds

12 April: 3-4pm ET

 20 May: 1-2pm ET | Approaching DEI in your Prospect Research Practice

13 May: 1-2pm ET

 23 Jun: 1-2pm ET |How Digital First Fundraising Affects Prospect Research

16 June: 1-2pm ET

 20 Jul: 3-4pm ET | Connecting with Wealthy Givers: How Research Can Help

13 Jul: 3-4pm ET

 15 Aug: 1-2pm ET | Innovations in Capacity ratings

8 Aug: 1-2pm ET

 15 Sept: 1-2pm ET | Cryptocurrency and Fundraising Trends

8 Sept: 1-2pm ET

 18 Oct: 2-3pm ET | Current Trends in Data Privacy

11 Oct: 2-3pm ET

 16 Nov: 3-4pm ET | How Research Tools Can Give You Superpowers

9 Nov: 3-4pm ET

 15 Dec: 1-2pm ET | Career: Survey Says!

8 Dec:1-2pm ET

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