• How much time will I have to spend on the course?

    We try to design the courses for about 2 hours a week or 15 to 25 hours per module, but you may need more or less time depending on the complexity of the content and the experiences and skills you bring to the course. Time to complete a course will vary depending upon your work and personal schedule as well. With on-demand courses, as long as you schedule time on your calendar and work through the course in the order provided, you should be able to complete the material and apply your new skills.

  • Do I have to order the workbook separately?

    Yes and No. No- Everything you need to complete a course is provided to you in the online class. Yes - You have the option to order a print workbook from the Institute’s store that has duplicate and/or complementary content and usually practice exercises with answers. Link to Institute store: https://www.prospectresearchinstitute.org/store/

  • What if I can’t attend one of the online meetings?

    There are two kinds of online meetings: Master Classes and Live Office Hour meetings. Master Classes are often recorded and sometimes there are even notes from the meeting posted. Live Office Hour meetings are NOT recorded. These meetings are informal and designed to provide the best opportunity for you to get your questions answered. Anyone can show at a Live Office Hour meeting; they are pre-scheduled. Live Office Hours are similar to group coaching. Online meetings are your opportunity to connect live with your peers and instructor. It’s up to you whether you choose to attend or not.

  • Does “Live Office Hour” mean one-on-one coaching?

    The Live Office Hour meetings are pre-scheduled and open to anyone enrolled in a membership level that has courses. The Live Office Hour is your opportunity to ask questions and get help in an informal meeting environment. We do our best to keep these meetings to 10 or fewer participants so that everyone has an opportunity to engage in discussion.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your membership subscription, click on your name in the top right of the screen, choose "My Account," and then "Billing." There are no refunds. That means that you can cancel at any time, but your subscription will still be available to you until the expiration date. Essentially you are ensuring that your subscription does not auto-renew. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • What if I change jobs during the membership term?

    If you change jobs during the membership term, make sure you update your account information so that you can continue to access your membership. If your organization paid for your membership, they may request to transfer your seat to another employee. If you have lost access to your account, have questions, or have an unusual circumstance, please reach out and contact us. Click "Contact Us" link at in the footer of any page to access our contact information.

  • Can I transfer my seat to my colleague?

    Yes! If for some reason you can no longer take advantage of your members, you can contact us to transfer your seat to your colleague for the duration of the membership term. If you have enrolled in any courses, you will lose any information stored as part of that enrollment. Click "Contact Us" link at in the footer of any page to access our contact information.

  • If I register multiple employees, can I get a discount?

    Yes! Currently there is a group rate for the Research Focused membership level. This would apply to three or more memberships purchased together from the same organization. Contact us for more details or to ask about group rates for any of the other membership levels. Click "Contact Us" link at in the footer of any page to access our contact information.

  • What do I get to keep after my membership ends?

    If you join or change your membership level to the Knowledge Seekers FREE membership, your membership doesn’t have to end! Knowledge Seekers have access to Resource Collections for each of the five learning domains: Research in Fundraising, Prospect Research, Relationship Management, Fundraising Analytics, and Careers. If you joined one of the paid membership levels and do not review at the same or a higher membership level, you will lose access to the course materials in that level. During your membership term at any level, content typically falls into these categories: 1) Documents and other files are available for download, 2) Podcast audio recordings are usually available for download, 3) Videos are NOT usually available for download, 4) Text web pages are printable. Click "Contact Us" link at in the footer of any page to access our contact information with any questions on your membership level.